Tuesday, May 3, 2011



Orange and Black knit hooded sweater with wood buttons $30

White beaded purse SOLD!!!

LEVIS crop jeans SOLD!!!

Black tie flats with details SIZE 6.5/7 $15

Black long V detailed lace knit sweater SIZE M/L $25

Cream knit scarf with ties $10

Burgundy leather purse (in this pic it looks more tan. it's actually dark burgundy) $15

Tan tassle flats SOLD!!!

Striped tan Pancho with wooden buttons SIZE M $45

Knit sleeveless sweater with grey diamon patterns $20

Bright red scarf with tassles $15

Floral print dress strapless SOLD!!!

Orange leather heals with straps SIZE 6 $20

LEVI'S Patterned striped sweater with wood buttons SIZE S $25

Cream knit beanie hat with pom pom $10

Sage Green button up knit top with ruffle detail on kneck SIZE S $15

Floral Print Scarf $8

Tan (lighter in real life) leather purse with several pockets $10

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